Software Engineering


For a person that is considering a career in the tech industry, one of the best courses of study to follow is towards a software engineering degree. This program of study takes the general principles of engineering and applies them to the world of computing software, with a goal of making the programs more efficient, effective, and affordable. In 2006, the profession of software engineer was rated to be one of the best in the United States, with a large amount of opportunities and security in the job market. To meet the new demand for software engineers, many colleges and universities started offering new degrees in the quickly emerging field.

The best schools for obtaining a software engineering degree are often the same ones that are at the top of the field for other engineering sectors. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers students one of the best educations possible, with many of the professors being leading voices in the software engineering community. In addition, Carnegie Mellon has the same reputation and many recruiters look to the graduating classes of both schools to find potential talent for firms in the technology and software industries. However, both of these schools come with a high price tag, which can be a barrier for some students.

For a quality software engineering education that will not break the bank, there are other options for a prospective student. The Michigan Technological University is considered to be one of the favorites due to their state of the art computer laboratory and the hands on experience that a student will receive. Another top school is the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Nestled in the heart of the research triangle, graduates from UNC find that there are many employment opportunities in the local area. In addition, many of these tech firms offer internships that will leave the student better prepared for the real world application of the software engineering knowledge.