Computer News


In the world of computing, there are always changes afoot as software companies deliver their latest and greatest creations. With all of the constant updates, it can be hard for even a person in the computing industry to stay up to date with everything that is happening. However, there are many tech blogs and computing news websites that deliver daily content to report the latest happenings and how they will affect both the industry as well as the individual users.

One of the latest big announcements came from the Linux operating system. The most popular Linux distribution, known as Ubuntu, recently released the latest incarnation of their personal operating system. In opposition to the more popular Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX, Ubuntu is created by a network of programmers from across the world who often work without pay. Their goal is to provide a completely free operating system that is easy to use. The latest version of Ubuntu is 11.04, with the codename of Natty Narwhal, and represents a large paradigm shift towards operating systems that are more integrated with cloud and web based services. It is too early to see if the new version will gain acceptance among casual computer users, but the early reception has been positive.

In other computing and software news, the advancements of the HTML5 coding language are becoming more and more popular. Initially built as a way to deliver content from the Internet to a user, HTML5 is intended to serve as a way of increasing the efficiency of this delivery process. It will be used in many different web applications, from delivering Youtube videos to providing site animation. The HTML5 project is still largely under development, but when it is ready to be released, it is expected to become one of the standards for data delivery.