MMIX Computer Architecture


Technology has certainly revolutionized the world we live in and although many people still refuse to admit it a great deal of our lives revolves around computers and technicalities. Nowadays individuals do everything on a computer. They work, they get paid on, they pay others, and they communicate with other individuals for different purposes and so on. Perhaps it is safe to day that the only thing computers cannot do these days is cooking (although we are not even certain about that). On you will be able to learn more about a rather different type of computers which are still used by some people and which may seem fascinating especially if one gets to understand how they work. On this page however you can learn more about the MIX and the MMIX and how they can actually be useful in today’s world.

Understanding how the MIX and MMIX work is no easy task. The bottom line is however that these hypothetical computers have been designed to store information which could be retrieved and used at a later time. the MIX use self modifying code and this makes it difficult to control by those who do not excel in technology but fascinating for those who like things that are not very easy and thus challenges. Moreover, there are people who specialize in writing programs not only for the MMIX but for all kinds of software products.