Mailing Lists


Those people that are just now discovering the world of MMIX programs and the MMIXAL language will be disappointed to learn that the newsletter and mailing lists are not available here. The mailing lists began in December of 1998 when the design leader, Don Knuth, created a way to keep all of the volunteers for the MMIX project up to date on all of the important happenings with the programs and language. In 1999, the last messages of the mailing lists were sent and the last issue of the newsletter was completed.

In current times, information about the MMIX project exists in several places on the Internet. In addition to the personal home page of Don Knuth, interested parties will also discover that there are several wiki pages that document the history of the project. These wiki pages address not only the uses of the MMIX programs, but also the history of the newsletters and the mailing list.