Software questions and answers


When people first come across an MMIX program or hear about the project, they will often have questions that need to be answered to gain a better comprehension of what the project is about. The following questions are some of the more common ones that come up about the MMIX software programs.

What programming language does the program use?
All MMIX programs are made using the open source MMIXAL, an intuitive and easy to learn programming language.

Who created the MMIX project?
The lead designer for MMIX is Donald Knuth, but John L. Hennessy and Richard L. Sites also provided many contributions to the creation of the project.

What is the main purpose of MMIX?
The main goal of MMIX is to show the aspects of program that happen at the machine level in a simple, yet elegant manner.

Is it possible to learn to program with MMIX?
Yes, beginners and those with programming experience will find the language easy to use.